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A Bond is not an insurance policy, however, many insurance carriers have a bonding unit. A bond is a legal contract is which the bonding company (usually an insurance company) provides a financial support to the assured in a number of ways. The bond contract provides a guarantee to a third party for such things as the assuredís performance, honesty, or reliability to complete a task or particular type of job. We represent several different bonding companies capable of providing many types of bonds which you may need. The applications below are for our most frequently requested bonds, so please give us a call if you don't see the particular bond you are required to provide listed here.


View Probate/Fiduciary Application

These bonds are required by law to protect the assets of an estate. Administrators, Executors, Guardians, Trustees and some other categories are required to secure these bonds. It is strongly suggested that an Estate be represented by an attorney. Rates vary and the premium is determined by the amount of the bond penalty set by the Surrogate. Quotations can be provided over the telephone or other means of conversation. How to cancel a Probate bond will be discussed with the interested parties at the time the bond is written. We accept walk-ins for this type of bonding directly from the local Court House, so no appointment is necessary.

Unclaimed Property Bonds

View Unclaimed Properties Application

We are an authorized independent insurance agency by the State of New Jersey to provide you with this unique coverage. There are so many unclaimed items such as dormant bank accounts, life insurance proceeds, uncashed checks, or stock certificates (to name a few) that the State publishes a list of the individuals to whom these items belong to. The list is usually published once or twice a month in the newspaper. In order to claim your property, you will need to provide the state with proof that you are the individual entitled to claim this property. The bonding company we provide will certify to this fact. Please download the application on this page to get started and telephone our office for additional parameters.